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Custom Cakes & Cupcakes

beautifully delicious


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"So good and scrumptious!"

“I described what I wanted for my granddaughter’s 13th birthday party. Mrs. Johnson baked a hand-crafted beautiful cake and a dozen cupcakes that were expertly designed with love and care. The cake and the cupcakes were so good and scrumptious to teens at the birthday party! The cake truthfully melted in my was just that moist! Her cakes are not boxed cakes...they are homemade cakes from scratch! She comes highly recommended and you will not be disappointed, and I will be placing future orders with Mrs. Johnson.”

- Wanda R.

"Work of Art"

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you! I'm a perfectionist and am very seldom impressed to the extent of being rendered speechless...You absolutely went above and beyond! Everyone thought your cake — work of art — was fake because it was so beautiful and matched the décor perfectly! No one had ever seen that before! Many people commented that they didn't know that level of customization was possible, as your cake flowed so flawlessly with the personalized party décorThe only drawback was my Bonus Mom refused to let us cut her cake...I thought she was joking...but nope. We literally had to get cupcakes for the guests! We will definitely be returning, so thank you!

- Dr. D.

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