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Delicious Wholesome Custom Cakes Jackson - Rose Gold Golden Butter Cake - Mama J Bakes

Mouthwatering Homemade Bakes that are Full of Flavor, with a Touch of Elegance.

"Beautifully breathtaking, and saying the cake was 'good' is an understatement!"

- Wanda Reynolds

It's a great day for a sweet treat😋Order yours today🧁


  • Baked goods that look better than they taste?

  • Baked goods that are too sweet?

  • Baked goods that are dry

  • Baked goods that don't satisfy your craving for real flavor

I completely understand how you feel.

If you crave wholesome baked goods that look amazing AND taste amazing, then Mama J Bakes is here for you!

Check out these delicious bakes freshly made just for you!

Caramel Dream Cake

Simply Delicious Bakes

Sigma Gamma Rho Themed Graduation Cake

Custom Bakes

Chocolate French Macarons

Sweet Treats

Ultimate Vanilla Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes

Flavor of the Month


Choose Your Delicious Bakes

1. Choose Your Delicious Bakes

Select your favorite menu category. Click images for descriptions. Click ORDER NOW. Scroll to your CAKE and/or SWEET TREATS. Select "Add to Cart" (or "Request a Quote" and follow the prompts) for each item you desire.

Place Your Order

2. Place your Order

Click on the Cart icon, then click the Checkout Button. Enter your contact information, your requested date, and your desired method to receive your special treat (pick-up or delivery). See FAQ's for quote requests.

Pay Online to Book

3. Pay Online to Book

Online payment confirms your order.

Receive & Enjoy

4. Receive & Enjoy

The day has arrived! Receive your freshly-baked, beautifully-delicious treat. Enjoy the indulgence of homemade flavor with your loved ones (or solo - no judgment 😉)!

Tameka aka Mama J

Prepare to Meet Your Baker

Hi there, I'm Tameka, aka "Mama J"!
I use
simple, wholesome ingredients to create that indulgent taste sensation you can only get from delicious homemade treats. I love sharing my edible artistry and all the joy it brings. So, I look forward to meeting you soon and baking up some happiness for you!

What my clients say...

"Best I've ever had!"

These were unequivocally some of the best cakes I have ever had! The ordering process was simple and the cakes were made to specifications. I can’t wait to place my next order!”

- Ken G.

"Absolutely delicious!"

“Not only was the cake decorated beautifully, but it tasted as good as it looked. It was moist, and the decorations tasted delicious. I really appreciate that you were able to do the design that I wanted perfectly.  And it was a hit at the event!”

- Catherine J.

"Balanced to perfection!"

"The Lord has given you anointed hands to whip up delicious desserts with perfection. That cake was balanced to perfection! Thank you so much for my blessing.”

- Gwen B.

Amazing bakes are waiting for you...which will you choose?

Decadent Chocolate Cake - Mama J Bakes.jpg

Simply Delicious Bakes

Custom Lemon Pound Cake

Custom Bakes

Iced Lemon Cookies.jpg

Sweet Treats

Delicious Wholesome Wedding Cakes Jackson - Blush and Gold Ultimate Vanilla Wedding Cake -

Wedding Cakes

If it looks better than it tastes, something's just wrong.

I know you've experienced bakes that looked amazing, only to have a taste that was soooo disappointing. I promise you're not the only one.

No, you shouldn't feel bad after eating a treat because it was way too sweet.


No, you shouldn't be left unsatisfied because there was no real flavor to enjoy.


And no, you shouldn't feel like your standards are not too high.

It just shouldn't be this way. You deserve better.

Do you want to keep settling for disappointment along with wasted money & calories?

There's a better way.

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